Олон Улсын GMP стандартад нийцсэн эмийн үйлдвэр "GMP" батламжаа гардан авлаа.

Just a few days this factory had an opening ceremony of its facilities equipped with latest technologies and smart plant system complex for the pharmacy products which meet the requirements of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards from World Health Organization. “Monos Group” was able to accomplish this 20 billion industry project in 7 years of work of its professional teams.

According to the Mongolian government’s policy to encourage the national industry to produce the products that replace the imported goods and increase the exports, and manufacture the necessary medicines in our own country, in 2012 “Monos Group” started its “Building project for the Pharmacy plant system complex with International GMP standard”. Today with this pharmacy factory complex we managed to increase the factory productivity with 3,5-3,9 times and are able to manufacture 352 million pills a year.

Also according to the related articles of the Law on the medicines and medical equipment, and based on the assessment reports on the implementation of the GMP it was stated that “Monos Pharma” pharmacy factory is meeting the GMP standards of the medical manufacturing and received the certificate of it from Health and Sport Minister S. Lambaa on July 9, 2016.