Human resources

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The culture of Monos Group is created by our proud and talented employees, which is why Monos culture is the pride of Monos. Monos Group is one of the top 10 companies in Mongolia.

It is inextricably linked to the efforts of our team, the trust and partnership of our customers and clients.

Monos Group provides its employees with a comfortable working environment, learning opportunities, social welfare and many other benefits and incentives.


Working environment

-Skilled professional friendly staff
-We always support and encourage new initiatives
-Every employee has an equal opportunity to advance
-Performance-based incentive system
-Professional examination test. Take a professional exam at the required workplace.
-Opportunity to convert to other areas of business
-Competitive salary incentives

Health & Care and Support

Monos Group pays constant attention to the social issues of its employees. For example:

-Get married
-Birth of a new person in the family
-There is a shortage in the backyard
-Provide employees with annual medical examinations and accident insurance, and provide medical support.
-Long-term supplement


Mortgage and other loans

Based on their contribution and performance, Monos Group provides its employees with soft mortgage loans, and the employee can set up a savings fund at Monos Delgerekh Savings and Credit Cooperative and receive a salary loan from Investos NBFI.


Monos Group pays constant attention to the social issues of its employees. For example:
It has a performance appraisal system that evaluates employee performance fairly and transparently, and annually selects and rewards the best employees.


Public events

In order to positively cultivate the company's culture among employees, increase productivity, provide opportunities for self-disclosure, work in a team, and create a team atmosphere, many interesting public events are organized. , Monos in the Field, “We Want One” Sports Festival, “We are Monos” Art Festival, “Creative Environment Future” Innovation Competition, Monos Expo, New Year Event, and Health Campaign. Every year, Tsagaan Sar is widely celebrated, and on the eve of Veterans' Day, Monos Group welcomes and honors all retired veterans.


Our staff can choose from a wide range of books, including professional, foreign language, literature, and cognition, to expand their knowledge and intelligence.



We are focusing on improving the social conditions of our employees, such as hot meals, mobile phone discounts, and fuel discounts depending on the nature of the work.