About us


Monos Pharma LLCr one of the first private companies in Mongolia, was established in 1990. Our company has various operations including pharmaceutical manufacturing and study of drug research through prioritising production of effective and high quality medicines.

Monos Pharma LLC is an exemplary manufacturer of the nation in terms of pharmaceutical production through its pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in compliance with GMP standards and IS09001 standards, pharmaceutical laboratory accredited by ISO 17025 standards, drug research institution and botanical garden of medicinal plants.

We produce around 80 types of medicines and 30 of them are our own branded medicines including 25 medicines which are listed in indispensable medicines of Mongolia.

Our medicines are produced in various types such as tablets, coated tablets, capsules, powder, pills, gel, cream, talcum powder, liquid, extract and syrup.

We have total of 150 employees in our company and around 60% of them have professional degrees and qualifications.