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Every year, Monos Group has been organizing positive impact activities aimed at the larger society within the framework of social responsibility. This time, in connection with the 30th anniversary of Monos, 3 Monos manufacturing companies, Monos Pharmaceuticals, Monos Cosmetics LLC, and Monos Foods LLC, organized the "Let's Prevent Together" donation campaign within the framework of social responsibility.

A total of over 6,000,000 MNT, including self-made immune support products, essential vitamins, children's cosmetic products, and mouth guards, for more than 300 children aged 0-18 of child care centers operating in Ulaanbaatar donated valuable products.

We cannot help everyone

Everyone can help someone.

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Supporting children's growth and development by Monos Pharmaceutical Company #Naturvit children's multivitamins and immune support #Vitagrip, sputum thinning during colds and flu #Fluless other medicines, Biomon Kids brand sheep's tail oil, children's spray, shampoo and conditioner produced by Monos Cosmetic Company Monos Food Company donated its products for children, such as Enhjin health tea with medicinal herbs, Eco soluble tea with natural wild fruits, Berryvit vitamin capsules, and blueberry pills.